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Dialysis is the process of cleaning blood by removing waste and fluids that build up when the kidneys fail or are seriously injured. This can be accomplished in two different ways – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The goal in either case is to keep patients as healthy as possible, so they have enough energy to carry out normal activities, work, pursue hobbies and enjoy life.

Morristown Medical Center’s Renal Department provide inpatient acute care dialysis services for people who have renal diseases and kidney failure. Our nephrologists also work with some local dialysis centers that specialize in outpatient care.


This technique cleans the blood of wastes and fluids by passing it through an artificial kidney, or dialyzer. It is typically done three times a week for three and a half to four hours each treatment. 

Peritoneal Dialysis

This daily, home therapy helps keep waste products at a more constant level. It consists of a membrane inside the abdomen, which is bathed in a sterile solution to filter out impurities. Morristown Medical Center offers home training and ongoing care for two types of peritoneal dialysis:

  • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis – performed for about 30 minutes, four or five times each day, at home or at work in a clean, private area

  • Continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis (or automated peritoneal dialysis) – uses a cycler machine to perform dialysis, often at night during sleep

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)

Used as alternative therapy for patients who are too ill or unstable for standard hemodialysis, this slow, ongoing form of blood filtration gently removes extra fluid and waste products. CRRT is only performed in the intensive care unit at Morristown Medical Center.

Kidney Transplant Referral Services

In addition, Morristown Medical Center's Renal Department offers referrals to renal transplant centers for those patients who are interested in a kidney transplant.