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Moments That Matter: Anne's Story

When she was ready to give birth for the first time 17 years ago, Anne O. headed to a large teaching hospital in New York City. While she’ll always remember the joy of her oldest daughter being born, her labor and delivery experience was far from ideal.

“They told me there were more births than normal that day,” she says. “I went into labor in the waiting area. Once I got to a room, doctors and nurses were constantly coming in and out. It was chaotic.”

So, when Anne got pregnant again less than a year later, she sought a different experience. “I knew I wanted to be in a smaller, more peaceful setting,” she says. She chose the Maternity Center at Chilton Medical Center. She immediately knew she made the right choice.

“I loved the idea that you had the same nurse up until delivery,” she says. “That one-on-one experience meant a lot to me.”

The experience meant so much that Chilton became Anne’s go-to hospital. Today, she’s the proud mom of seven children, ranging in ages from 7 to 17. Six of them were born at Chilton, the majority delivered by obstetrician/gynecologist Steven Domnitz, MD. “He’s cool as a cucumber,” Anne says. “I knew I could trust him, right from the start, and he’s still one of my doctors today.”

Of her labor and delivery experience at Chilton, Anne remembers the special touches the most. That includes the children’s play area and the celebration meal, an occasion where staff serves a special dinner for parents of newborns on the second night of their hospital stay. “That was a real nice gesture,” she says.

While her last maternity experience at the medical center was in 2013, Anne still turns to Chilton for her and her family’s health care needs, and she tells her friends to do the same. “Whenever my children need emergency care, I always say ‘I’m going to Chilton,’” she says. “It’s convenient, close to home, and much more personal than other hospitals.”

Whenever my children need emergency care, I always say ‘I’m going to Chilton. It’s convenient, close to home, and much more personal than other hospitals.

Anne O.

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