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Kristen's Story
Kristen K. cuddles her twins in a maternity bed at Chilton Medical Center in New Jersey.

When she had her first appointment with obstetricians/ gynecologists Joseph Scian, MD, and John Scian, MD, mom-to-be Kristen K. joked, “I’m getting big pretty fast. Maybe there will be two babies in there.”

Turns out that Kristen, who is a twin, was right. An ultrasound nine weeks and three days into her pregnancy confirmed her suspicion: She was carrying fraternal twins.

Despite needing bed rest at 28 weeks when her cervix opened prematurely, Kristen’s babies – her son, Greyson, and daughter, Emerson – made it full term. Along the way, she and her husband made fast friends with the providers she calls “Dr. Joe” and “Dr. John.”

“‘Dr. John’ delivered my older sister’s baby, and he remembered her,” Kristen says. “At our first visit, it felt like he already knew us. Every time we came to see them, it was like having a conversation with good friends.”

At 37 weeks and four days into her pregnancy, Kristen headed to the Maternity Center at Chilton Medical Center to deliver the twins. She requested a vaginal delivery and Drs. Joe and John supported her in that goal. Greyson was positioned head down, but Emerson, however, was breech, which required a cesarean section for both babies. “It’s a massive surgery, but it didn’t feel that way at all,” Kristen says. “It was about my babies the whole time, but it was also about me.”

Dr. John delivered my older sister's baby, and he remembered her. At our first visit, it felt like he already knew us.

Kristen K., maternity patient

The twins were born within two minutes of each other. Kristen was able to touch their hands seconds after their birth, and the twins held hands while they were being cleaned. Twenty minutes after their birth, Kristen breastfed her newborn twins for the first time.

“My nurses were incredible,” she says. “They wrote happy birthday on the board along with my babies’ names. When I needed a spinal anesthesia, they held my arm and talked me through it. My lactation consultant taught me so much. Everything was wonderful.”

Today, Greyson and Emerson are two, and Kristen is grateful for the care she received at the place she calls “my hospital.”

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