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Liver Disease and Transplants

The location of the liver in the body.

The Atlantic Health Liver Disease and Transplant Program at Overlook Medical Center provides comprehensive services for individuals with a wide range of sudden or chronic liver diseases. These include fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer and liver failure. 

Coordinated, Personalized Treatment for Liver Disease

Our interdisciplinary treatment team, including hepatologists, gastroenterologists, liver surgeons, oncologists, and interventional radiologists work together to provide each patient with thorough, accurate diagnostic testing and individualized, effective treatments. This may include innovative, minimally invasive liver surgery and advanced liver disease treatments.

In addition, Overlook Medical Center’s vascular lab is pioneering the diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver disease through a combination of transient elastography and portal duplex ultrasound.

A Seamless Connection for Liver Transplants

For advanced cases, a liver transplant may be needed. Transplant care is offered in coordination with NYU Langone’s Transplant Institute, which treats the most complex liver conditions and maintains an excellent post-transplant survival rate.

 NYU Langone’s renowned liver and transplant specialists first evaluate your condition at Overlook Medical Center in Summit to weigh your treatment options and determine whether a transplant is the best approach.

If needed, surgery is performed at NYU Langone in New York City. All posthospital follow-up care is again conveniently coordinated on site at Overlook, as needed.

What’s more, Overlook Medical Center and NYU Langone are connected electronically so medical records can be easily shared. Your referring physician continues to stay involved, ensuring your care is coordinated and personalized throughout your transplant journey.