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Moments That Matter: Nancy's Story

It’s a scenario millions of aging adults face – the need to possibly leave their home because they can no longer easily maintain the property, safely navigate a flight of stairs or complete many other routine tasks of daily living. Nancy hoped her parents, who are long-time residents of Morristown, could avoid this situation.

“My 84-year-old mother has lived in the same house in Morristown almost her entire life,” says Nancy. “The last thing I want is for her and my dad to lose their independence and give up their home. So, ensuring they remain there safely and comfortably as they age is an important priority for all of us. It can be a little challenging for me especially because I live 3,000 miles away!”

Fortunately for Nancy and her parents, the team at Morristown Medical Center’s David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging has provided a host of services that helped her parents safely maintain their independence. For instance, one of the center’s social workers coordinated an on-site home assessment, which found that their basement stairs needed handrails, and also suggested adding grab bars in the bathroom.

What’s more, the center's geriatric doctors specialize in the unique care that older adults require. Throughout the process, the social work team has answered all of Nancy’s questions and concerns remotely, so that even though she lives on the other side of the country, she can rest easy knowing her parents are in good hands between visits.

“Most importantly, they have treated my parents and I with dignity and respect,” Nancy says. “It means the world to us knowing my mom and dad will now be able to remain safely and independently in their home as long as possible. And I take comfort in knowing that as their needs change, the team at the David and Joan Powell Center for Healthy Aging will be there to help guide us through whatever life throws our way.”  

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