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HIV and AIDS Treatment

The Ryan White Services HIV/AIDS Program at the Family Health Center of Morristown Medical Center is a federally-funded initiative that aims to enhance the medical care and support services for people with HIV and AIDS. This program has been an integral part of HIV care providers in the Morris County area since 1995. 

Services offered by the Ryan White Program at Family Health Center

Case management and social services

The goal of the Ryan White Program is to ensure medical care and support services for individuals with HIV and AIDS while keeping them in care to enhance quality of life. Social workers assist with individualized assessments to identify the specific needs of each patient and to overcome barriers that might keep them from continuing care. With this information the social worker can see what services and assistance the patient is eligible for. Social workers also provide benefit counseling, community referrals, psycho-educational services, mental health services, support groups and prescription assistance.

Dental care

Both therapeutic and preventive dental care is available at Morristown Medical Center through referral completed by the Ryan White social workers.

Financial counseling

Making sure that your care and treatment is affordable to you is of utmost importance. The social workers screen patient eligibility for insurance and other financial assistance programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, NJ Family Care and Charity Care.

Infectious disease care

At the Family Health Center medical care for newly-diagnosed individuals with HIV and those continuing HIV care and treatment is provided by board-certified infectious disease specialists. Twice a week there are specialty clinic sessions that provide infectious disease care, including initial and follow-up appointments for patients with HIV-related complications and treatment issues. Follow-up care and other issues can be addressed on non-clinic days by the nurse practitioner.

Mental health care

Mental health care and HIV medical care depend on one another. Our counseling program coordinates patients’ mental health care and medical care. Psychiatric services are available through the Ryan White clinic for eligible patients.

Referrals for specialty medical or surgical care

Co-occurring medical issues are common when living with HIV. If other medical concerns arise during your care at the Family Health Center, we can point you in the right direction to address the issue. Social workers can assist with referral and coordination of these types of services such as, primary care, dermatology, psychiatric, podiatry, endocrinology, diabetic care, rheumatology and more. Infectious disease doctors provide consultation in all major medical and surgical procedures for patients with HIV/AIDS.

Patient education and risk reduction

Education about HIV and prevention is incorporated in individualized care plans to improve each patient's understanding of HIV and enhance their ability to adhere to treatment. After assessments, social workers and patients work together to develop personalized risk-reduction plans. With ongoing counseling and continued education, these plans are revisited until goals are achieved. Learn more about HIV from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention >


In emergency situations, medical transportation to appointments and procedures is available for patients of the Ryan White Program.