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Atlantic Medical Group Radiology offers state-of-the-art cutting-edge visualization of vascular and non-vascular anatomy using our best-in-class imaging. 

Our services are provided by Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center, and we diagnose and treat using a variety of technology, such as:  

Our team is on staff at Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center, as well as outpatient centers throughout Atlantic Health System. 

Interventional Radiology

uterine fibroid embolization

Our interventional radiologists at Atlantic Medical Group Radiology provide pre and post-procedural care. We also see patients in consultation before and after certain elective procedures. Interventional radiologists use imaging guidance, (angiography or fluoroscopy, CT and ultrasound) to precisely target therapy.

We offer the most modern interventional radiological services, within vascular interventional and general interventional radiological services.

Why would you see an interventional radiologist? 

For interventional radiology, doctors use imaging techniques to diagnose, treat, and cure many kinds of conditions. Some of our interventional radiology procedures include:

  • Image guided procedures including biopsies and catheter placements
  • Minimally invasive angiographic catheter directed embolization procedures for treatment of tumors or bleeding.
  • Image guided thermal ablation of tumors and treatment of some types of painful conditions

Cancer Treatments

To treat cancer using minimally invasive treatment, our radiologists can do anything from obtaining biopsies, to opening blood vessels or distribute medication throughout the body. Interventional radiologists at Atlantic Medical Group Radiology may perform the following procedures:

  • Tumor embolization including Y90 selective internal radiation therapy for primary and metastatic liver tumors
  • Percutaneous ablation of tumors including of the liver and kidney with thermal ablation (cryoablation, microwave ablation)
  • Tunneled pleural or peritoneal catheter placement for recurrent fluid effusions or ascites
  • Ablation of some tumors involving bone including the spine with cement fixation and kyphoplasty when there is compression fracture
  • Placement of Portacath for delivery of chemotherapy

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Women's Health Conditions

Body Imaging

The term "body imaging" refers to studying organs such as the stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas and digestive tract. Our body imaging radiologists received special training with X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, ultrasound and CT, and work closely with oncologists, gastroenterologists, and other specialists to create a comprehensive plan for patients for the best recovery.

Some medical conditions we diagnose and treat include:

Male Conditions and Infertility

  • Varicocele embolization
  • Prostate artery embolization

Urinary Tract Procedures

  • Percutaneous nephrostomy tube (kidney drain), ureteral stent, Nephroureteral catheter placement
  • Percutaneous kidney stone access for stone treatment by urologist

Interventional Procedures

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Biliary Procedures

  • Percutaneous biliary drainage and stent placement
  • Percutaneous cholecystostomy (gallbladder drainage)

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Breast Imaging and Procedures

stereotactic radiosurgery

Whether it is preventive care or you are concerned a suspicious lump in your breast, our radiologists are located at Morristown and Overlook medical centers, and other locations throughout Atlantic Health System. We utilize state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to providing breast health services, such as imaging, diagnostic services and treatment planning, including:

MRIs can be very beneficial in high risk women and women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. An MRI gives doctors the ability to see the soft tissues within your body. Your doctor may ask you to undergo a breast MRI scan if they suspect there are abnormalities in your breasts.

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brain image with a CT scan

Neuroradiology is the subspecialty of radiology that conducts imaging of the brain including the neck, head and spine. Imaging techniques for the brain, spine and neck can include X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound.

Why would I see a neuroradiologist?

Our neuroradiologists diagnose many medical conditions, including:

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Musculoskeletal Radiology

ultrasound of the knee

Musculoskeletal radiology focuses on issues related to the bones and joints. Our musculoskeletal radiologists diagnose many medical conditions, such as:

We can treat many ailments in the following ways:

  • Therapeutic joint injections 
  • Tendon sheath injections
  • Perineural (nerve) injections
  • Calcific tendinosis aspiration and lavage
  • Baker's cyst aspiration
  • Image (CT or ultrasound)  guided  biopsies and drainages
  • Cement vertebral augmentation or Kyphoplasty for spine fracture treatment

Nuclear Radiology

nuclear imaging

Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty of radiology where a small dose or a radioactive agent, often called a radioactive tracer, is given to the patient. Tests are translated by nuclear radiologists who will then make a diagnosis. This non-invasive procedure is safe and effective, and one of the better methods to diagnose and treat patients. 

Nuclear radiology is an ideal method for diagnosis for the following medical conditions:

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PET/CT is a subspecialty under nuclear medicine that incorporates a CT scanner with the PET scanner to obtain higher quality images. These high-quality images assist the radiologist in identifying disease in the body by measuring and visualizing metabolic activity, bloodflow and chemical composition and absorption.

PET/CTs can be performed for a variety reasons such as brain metabolism, cardiac blood flow and metabolism, as well as several oncologic reasons. What's more, we offer the latest molecular imaging techniques for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and neuroendocrine cancer.

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Pediatric Radiology

For many of us, our most prized possessions — our children — need special treatment when it comes to imaging needs. Our team is specially trained in treating children to make their imaging experiences as comfortable and reduce stress.

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