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Computed Tomography

Computed tomography (CT) scanning, sometimes called CAT scanning, is a noninvasive, painless X-ray procedure that obtains cross-sectional images of body parts that cannot be seen on a standard X-ray. CT scans may also be used to assist physicians during biopsies, typically those of the lungs, liver, kidney or bones.

A woman administers a CT scan.

Preparing for a CT Scan

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing; you may be given a gown to wear during the procedure.
  • Leave metal objects, including jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures and hairpins, at home or remove them prior to your exam; you may also be asked to remove hearing aids.
  • Do not to eat or drink for several hours before the exam, especially if a contrast material will be used.
  • Women should inform their physician and the CT technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant or are breast feeding.
  • To avoid delays, remember to bring a copy of your prescription.

If you are having a CT interventional procedure, a radiology nurse will call you prior to your appointment to provide you with instructions and answer all of your questions.

CT Scan Results

Our radiologists are board certified and fellowship trained in CT. They will interpret your CT images and send a signed report to your primary care physician or the physician who referred you for the exam. He or she will discuss the results with you. 

CT services may vary by location. Please confirm when booking an appointment.


Chilton Medical Center

Computed Tomography
  • 97 West Parkway
    Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
  • 973-831-5088
  • Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Patients requiring sedation should contact Morristown Medical Center or Overlook Medical Center. Sedation is not offered at Chilton Medical Center. Low Dose CT studies should be scheduled through our Lung Cancer Screening Program at 844-228-LUNG or via MyChart.

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