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While there is no proven treatment for COVID-19, the blood plasma of people who have recovered (convalescent plasma) may be able to help those who are critically ill because it contains antibodies against the virus. Donors must have a lab confirmed positive test for COVID-19, be symptom free for 14 days and be willing to donate up to three times.

Recovered COVID-19 patients who would like to help can fill out the New York Blood Center's donor form here>

Donate Blood

The New York Blood Center, which services New Jersey communities, urges individuals who feel healthy and meet the eligibility criteria to make an appointment and donate so blood is available for patients who need it. Information on scheduling a blood donation is available online here, or by calling 1-800-933-BLOOD (2566). Extra precautions are being taken at all collection sites due to COVID-19.

New York Blood Center can also arrange for blood collection for an individual or yourself. Arrangements for this service can be made through their Special Collections department at 516-478-5140. Blood donation drives and centers are also available in your local communities.