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Donate Blood

Blood donation is the gift of life. Consider these facts:

  • Blood is needed somewhere every three seconds
  • One out of three people will need donated blood in their lifetime
  • One out of ten hospital patients needs a blood transfusion
  • Of the 60 percent of Americans eligible to donate blood, only five percent actually do so and only one percent donate in New Jersey
At Atlantic Health System’s Blood Donor Services Department at Morristown Medical Center, we provide the safest, highest quality blood products for our patients.

We offer the following blood donation services:

Community/Employee Blood Donation:
A group of committed, healthy volunteers donate their blood to this program.
Automated Blood Collection:
This program offers an automated system that separates and collects only the most-needed blood products (blood cells, plasma and platelets), required by many lifesaving medical treatments, from a single donation.
Directed Blood Donation:
Friends or relatives may donate blood for a specific patient. Directed donors must meet the same good health requirements that regular donors meet, and all blood donations are tested to assure their safety for transfusion.
Autologous Blood Donation:
Individuals may donate their own blood for personal surgical needs through this program.


Mobile Blood Donation

Atlantic Health System holds mobile blood drives at Overlook Medical Center, Newton Medical Center, Chilton Medical Center and Hackettstown Medical Center. For the next available date, please call 973-971-5747.