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Patient Responsibilities

Rules and regulations for hospital patients:

  • Provide, to the best of your ability, your medical team with accurate, complete details about past and present illnesses, hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and medications.
  • Communicate about the need for pain relief with doctors and nurses.Inform your medical team whenever you experience a change in your condition or a problem with your treatment.
  • Let your medical team know if you do not understand your treatment or what you are expected to do.
  • Follow the advice and instructions of your doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel concerning your care.
  • Understand and accept the consequences of refusing treatment or not following instructions.
  • Pay bills promptly or inform the hospital billing department if you cannot pay your bills. If someone else is paying your bills for you, you must inform the hospital who that individual is and how he or she can be contacted.
  • Be courteous to the hospital staff and other patients, minimize noise and keep the number of visitors to reasonable levels.
  • Do not smoke anywhere in the hospital.
  • Do not damage or remove hospital property or the property of other patients.
  • Discuss and plan for your post-discharge needs with your medical team early in your hospital stay.

Smoke-Free Policy

Part of our mission as a health care organization is to support health and wellness. By keeping our campuses smoke-free, we demonstrate our commitment to healthy living. Smoking is prohibited on all campuses. Information and tools are available to help you stop smoking or fight the urge while you are here.