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Inpatient Rehabilitation Meals

Eating properly is an important part of the healing process. That’s why at Atlantic Rehabilitation, we make nutrition part of every patient’s treatment plan.

Diet Orders

Within a few days of admission, one of our dieticians will assess your eating habits and address all of your dietary concerns. In some cases, restrictive diets, such as those that limit carbohydrates or sodium, may be recommended.

Patient Meal Ordering

Each afternoon, we will give you a printed menu and ask you to select your meal choices for the following day. We can assist with completing the form, if necessary. Meals are served at the same time each day and are coordinated with therapy schedules so that you will not miss or be late for them. Supervised meal management is available for those who need it.

Guest Meals and Snacks

Guest meals are available for visitors, but must be ordered at least one hour in advance. If snacks or beverages are brought in from outside our facility, check them in with our nursing staff so they can be stored and labeled properly. Please remember that items outside of our provided menu must comply with your prescribed diet.