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Visiting Atlantic Rehabilitation

At Atlantic Rehabilitation, we foster a 24/7 open visitation policy. Exceptions do apply, so please check with security if you plan to arrive after 8:00pm.

Overnight Accommodations

In certain circumstances, family members may be permitted to stay overnight with a patient. Special accommodations can be arranged in these cases.


While visiting a loved one, we invite you to take advantage of our on-site cafe and outdoor patio, however please get approval from our staff before taking a patient from their unit. The cafe is open daily from 6:30am to 6:30pm.

Off-Site Outings

Patients may leave our facility for short outings with visitors if this meets with physician approval and treatment recommendations. Visitors must first learn how to properly perform a car transfer before an outdoor day pass can be issued. During these times, we encourage patients to practice what they have learned in therapy.

Pet Visitation

We welcome pet visitations in our lobby and outside patio.