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Family Medicine Residency FAQ

Why should I apply to your program?

Please consider applying to our program if the following pertains to you:

  • Morristown Family Medicine Residency is an osteopathic-recognized and focused training program. We are interested in candidates with a strong osteopathic background or interest.
  • We want to hire our graduates. We are excited to grow primary care in Morristown and its surrounding areas and plan to do so with graduates from our program.
  • You are interested in becoming a leader in family medicine education for medical students and the community.

How do I apply to your program?

All applicants for a PGY-1 position in the Family Medicine residency program must apply through ERAS.

Will I be allowed to teach medical students?

We allow third year residents to teach the medical students that rotate through our department.

What are the program’s eligibility requirements?

An applicant must be able to carry out the duties as required of the residency training program.

An applicant must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • A graduate of a medical school in the United States or Canada accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)
  • A graduate of a college of osteopathic medicine in the U.S. or Canada accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)
  • A graduate of a medical school outside the U.S. who has completed a Fifth Pathway program provided by an LCME-accredited medical school
  • A graduate who holds a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a U.S. licensing jurisdiction, or
  • A graduate of a medical school outside the U.S. or Canada with all of the following qualifications:
  • A certified transcript from the medical school of training with a verifiable contact person from that school
  • Confirmation of M.D. or D.O. or equivalent degree from that medical school
  • A copy of USMLE or COMLEX notification of Step 1 and 2 scores with a grade of passing
  • A current valid certificate from the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • The ability to reside continuously in the U.S. for the length of training.

*Preference is given to applicants who have graduated from medical school within the last year and have had a substantial amount of Osteopathic training and experience.

An applicant must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the following English language competencies:

  • Reading printed and cursive English
  • Writing and printing English text
  • Understanding spoken English on conversational and medical topics
  • Speaking English understandably on conversational and medical topics

Do you sponsor visas?

At this time our program does not have funding to sponsor any visas.

What are your selection criteria?

We give preference to those scoring 400 or higher on COMLEX Level 1 and Level 2 or 200 or higher on USMLE Step 1 and Step 2. We give preference to those having zero failures on COMLEX Level 1, Level 2, and Performance Evaluation or USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Clinical Skills.

We give careful consideration to the following:

  • Performance on standardized medical tests
  • Overall performance in medical school
  • Commitment to ideals of Family Medicine
  • Recent clinical training or experience
  • Demonstrated ability to choose goals and to complete the tasks necessary to achieve those goals
  • Maturity and emotional stability
  • Lack of history of drug or alcohol abuse (unless monitored by the UAMS impaired physicians’ committee and approved for further training)
  • Personal interview
  • Approval for personal interview by the selection committee after undergoing a telephone interview
  • New Jersey or surrounding area residents. As stated above, we are looking for candidates that want to stay after graduation.

May I arrange for a “visit” to see what your program looks like? May I drop in to try and speak with someone?

All rotation requests should be directed to the residency coordinator. Rotations are usually scheduled and confirmed by March of the previous academic year. Due to the large volume of “visit” requests, we cannot accommodate everyone. The program will reach out to you directly if they would like you to come back for a second look after you have conducted an interview.

Do you have observership opportunities?

No, we do not have an observership program.

For allopathic candidates:

The Morristown Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program is an Osteopathically focused ACGME Accredited program. As such, we are committed to providing a superior education to prepare graduates to render traditional osteopathic family medicine care across a wide range of practice environments.

In order to achieve this, we will build on residents’ pre-existing knowledge and skills in Osteopathic Philosophy and Practice, including OMT. This knowledge may be acquired via matriculation at an AACOM accredited osteopathic medical school, or via supplemental education programs such as are offered via Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, the American Academy of Osteopathy, or the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.

The web addresses for these programs are:

These resources will furnish student applicants with the requisite knowledge and skills to be successful residents at an Osteopathically focused residency program.  Such educational experiences should be completed prior to the match process to optimize your residency experience.