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Resident Testimonials

Read what Overlook Medical Center's current family medicine residents have to say about themselves and their experiences:

Brittni Alexander, DO

“I was raised in Rockland County, New York, received my bachelor’s degree from The University of Notre Dame (go Irish!) and went to medical school at Touro COM in Harlem. Overlook was a standout program during my interview months. There are ample learning opportunities, knowledgeable colleagues and faculty and, most importantly, an extremely supportive environment. Everyone at the program truly enjoys being here and makes you feel like you are part of one big family. In my spare time, I like to hang out with family and friends, travel, try new restaurants and play flag football and softball.” - Brittni Alexander, DO, PGY3

Brittany Baptiste, MD

"I am originally from Brooklyn, New York (born and raised). I went to Rutgers University for my undergraduate education in which I received a BA in Biology and remained in New Brunswick, New Jersey to pursue my medical degree at Rutgers- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. After extensive reflection and more knowledge about the various disciplines, I decided to pursue family medicine as a career. Family Medicine was the right specialty for me, because it tied in all my interests (pediatrics, obstetrics, women's health, primary care, and procedural skills) and most importantly, continuity is at the core. Overlook was my top choice because of its dedication to primary care, the supportive environment of the team, and the nature of the community hospital along with varying specialties to interact and learn from. The faculty and residents were very genuine and authentic and showed how happy they were to be apart of this program. Although, I am from a big city nearby, I still wanted and appreciated a tight knit work family and support system. Since my time here, I think I made the right choice! In my spare time, I love to spend quality time with my loved ones, travel, dance, cook, exercise (can't wait to get back in the gym post-covid), and watch Netflix." - Brittany Baptiste, MD, PGY2

Aleksandra (Alya) Dukhan, DO

“I was born in Moscow, Russia, and raised in Livingston, New Jersey. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, where I completed three majors: Biology, Nutrition and Environmental Science. With so many interests, a passion for working with people, and no idea where I wanted to go next, I took a job working as a scribe at a local emergency department. I figured this would give me exposure to as many professions as possible and help me narrow down what I wanted to do next. Spoiler alert - I attended medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and after doing a family medicine rotation in my third year I was sold. My rotation at Overlook solidified my desire to attend this residency program. The camaraderie between the residents, the kindness and guidance from the attendings, and the happiness of the staff was felt from day one. I knew matching at Overlook would not only give me the education I needed to become a well-rounded family doctor, it would also offer me the support of an amazing group of people, a combination of factors that could not be beat.”  – Aleksandra (Alya) Dukhan, DO, PGY3

Daniel Han, DO

"I was born in Florida, raised in Northern California, and then moved to South Korea (where my family still lives). I then decided to head to the Midwest for my undergraduate studies, attending Northwestern University near Chicago, before eventually heading to medical school in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was during medical school where I fell in love with Family Medicine and the breadth of the training it offered to serve patients of all ages and backgrounds in any community. In that regards, I feel very fortunate to have discovered Overlook Family Medicine Residency. It is a program that truly values the importance of Family Medicine and encourages us all to become the best family physicians we can be to serve our community. There is always an atmosphere of learning and commitment to teaching, both within the family medicine department and other specialties, which challenges me to grow in so many ways. Also, from the first day, I have witnessed how the people, including the residents, faculty, and staff, are what makes this program special. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and caring of each other, creating such a tight knit community with an incredible family feel. Even though this is my first time living in New Jersey, I can confidently say that I have found an incredible family here at Overlook, and I look forward to growing with my family over the next 3 years." - Daniel Han, DO, PGY2

Archana Jayakumar, DO

“Understanding the population we serve and the community we are a part of was an aspect of healthcare that was very important to me. Finding a residency that held those beliefs to such a high regard was a beautiful concept to discover at Overlook Family Medicine. I came to the United States as a refugee from Sri Lanka and grew up in upstate New York. I combined by love for fine art and science in my earlier years of higher education and completed my medical degree in Erie, Pennsylvania. In my spare time I enjoy photography, painting, and traveling. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing family of clinicians and look forward to becoming a better practitioner.” - Archana Jayakumar, DO, PGY3

Sabah Khan, MD

"I was born in England, raised in Baltimore. I studied Biology and Sociology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and attended medical school at the Johns Hopkins University SOM. I chose the family medicine program at Overlook Medical Center because of the sense of comradery and support that was evident from interview day. I was also looking for a program that encourages and values resident feedback, which has been a clear priority at Overlook based on the changes that have been made to the program and curriculum. The community served by the hospital also provides ample exposure to a demographically and clinically diverse patient population to prepare the residents to succeed in any clinical setting. I am so grateful to be a part of the supportive family at Overlook and look forward to the next few years of training!" - Noore-Sabah Khan, MD, PGY2

Amanda Lin, MD

"I was born and raised in Houston, TX, where I also went to medical school at UT Houston McGovern Medical School. My past experiences in the area and my partner's career in the city led me to discover Overlook Family Medicine and fall in love with the program. The residents and faculty were so warm and welcoming to us on our interview day, and it was very apparent how close-knit they are with each other. It was really important to me to find a program where I could find a second family that would support me as a person and also to become a well-rounded family physician. I am happy to have found that here at Overlook." - Amanda Lin, MD, PGY2

Victoria McCarthy, DO

“Originally from the Philadelphia area, I completed my medical school education at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine after pursuing a Master’s in Nutrition at Columbia University. When looking at Family Medicine residency programs, I was hoping to find a close-knit community and strong academics. Overlook FM has by far surpassed my expectations. After rotating during my fourth year, I knew Overlook was the right place for me. With interests in general primary care, nutrition, and sports medicine, I will also be able to participate in the sports medicine track, cover local football games, and complete sports physicals. It is important to me to be a part of the local community. I look forward to taking care of patients of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son exploring Summit and neighboring towns. We are also lucky to have family close by.” – Victoria McCarthy, DO, PGY3

Rania Muhieddine, DO

"I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, obtained my bachelor’s degree at Fordham University and then attended medical school at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. I knew after my interview that Overlook Family Medicine was the environment I wanted to train at, because of the collaborative and supportive environment that provides ample clinical experience and knowledge to truly become a well-rounded Family Physician. Most importantly, the reason I love being a resident here is undoubtedly the people I get to work with every day; my co-residents are amazing! It is so wonderful to be surrounded by residents, fellows and attendings that inspire you daily and make the hard work worth it! As a native New Yorker, I was pleasantly surprised to find delicious food, culture/arts and outdoor activities in my new home of Summit." - Rania Muhieddine, DO, PGY2

Jennifer Negron, DO

“I was born and raised in Clermont, Florida and went to undergrad at the University of Florida before attending medical school at William Carey College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hattiesburg, MS. My husband's career brought us to the NY/NJ area for my 3rd and 4th year rotations. We fell in love with the area and knew we wanted to stay. During my interview with Overlook FM, I immediately gelled with the people here - both residents and staff. The program is like a big family that really looks out for one another and that support is absolutely crucial in residency. I wanted to be somewhere that I could learn and not be afraid to ask questions. Every day that I've been with Overlook so far has confirmed for me that I made the right decision. I am always looking forward to the next day of new experiences and growing with my colleagues.” - Jennifer Negron, DO, PGY3

Tim O'Herron, MD

“I’m originally from Newburgh NY, I went to Marist College, and then went to SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse NY. I chose Overlook FM Residency because of the people here, and the opportunities the program has to offer regarding many of the different focuses within Family Medicine. I wanted a challenging environment that allowed me to work with residents and faculty in other specialties who were open to teaching, and Overlook has exactly that. Being relatively close to where I’m from and my family was an important factor for me too.” – Tim O'Herron, MD, PGY3

Cathy Richards, DO

“I am originally from Brooklyn, NY, born and raised. I attended graduate school in the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. After completing medical school in West Virginia and moving back home to the city, I missed the country, I missed nature, and I missed the quiet. After interviewing at Overlook I knew this was the place for me because it reminded me of the calm and serenity I missed in West Virginia. Overlook has undoubtedly been a home since day one. The emphasis on a healthy work life balance is real here and its refreshing to know that I will have this support over the next 3 years. I couldn't have made a better choice of places to complete my residency training.” – Cathy Richards, DO, PGY3

Brian Sohl, MD

"Originally, I grew up in Erie, PA. While there, I completed my undergraduate education at Gannon University, studying Biology and Theology, before relocating to Hershey, PA, to attend the Penn State College of Medicine. I interviewed throughout the Northeast for residency, but Overlook Family Medicine stood out as a comprehensive, supportive, and exciting place to train. Having now completed one month of my intern year, I could not be happier with my decision to train at Overlook. Education is always a priority, whether within the Family Medicine department or interacting with other specialties throughout the hospital. Furthermore, there are an abundance of learning opportunities for residents, no matter the rotation. Though beginning training during a global pandemic has been challenging, resident safety and wellness is paramount and well supported. I could not be happier with my choice of program and I'm proud to be a member of the Overlook Family!" - Brian Sohl, MD, PGY2

Victoria Lu, DO

"Originally from Westchester, NY, I studied chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and attended medical school at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. When interviewing for family medicine residency, I knew I wanted to attend a program with a robust outpatient experience, strong ties to the community, safe learning environment, and support system of dedicated faculty and enthusiastic co-residents. Overlook Family Medicine had all of those qualities and more. Every experience from my interview day to orientation to now working as a resident has reaffirmed my decision to train at Overlook. As someone who is interested in primary care with an emphasis on women’s health and lifestyle medicine, I have no doubt that I will graduate with the knowledge and skills I need to succeed as a family physician." - Victoria Lu, DO, PGY2

Farah Alshammary, DO

"I was raised in North Jersey and received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry and women’s studies from Rutgers University.  I received my medical degree from Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. My decision to pursue family medicine was a direct result of experiences I had with family medicine physicians both abroad in refugee camps and here in the United States. Finding a residency program that would value my experiences and enable to me explore and cultivate my own interests within family medicine was extremely important to me. Luckily, I have found that here at Overlook Family Medicine.  I am extremely excited and grateful to learn from and join this family of clinicians and I look forward to the next few years of training together."  Farah Alshammary, DO, PGY1

Edward Cho, MD

“I was born and raised in New York City and studied Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard before coming back to New York for medical school at New York Medical College. The biggest things that drew me to Overlook Family Medicine were the breadth and strength of education, the supportive work culture and, most importantly, the phenomenal people. Overlook FM is thoroughly integrated into the local and neighboring communities, serving socioeconomically and ethnically diverse patient populations, with plenty of training opportunities across many of my professional interests (i.e. community medicine, sports medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, dermatology). I knew the program would help me become a well-rounded clinician capable of treating patients of any age and background, while also enabling me to explore multiple subspecialty interests. Overlook is also part of the Atlantic Health System, one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work. For multiple years in a row (even throughout the pandemic!) and it’s not hard to see why. I feel well supported and encouraged to grow here, with faculty, residents, and staff that are not only outstanding mentors and colleagues, but also vibrant personalities who I always look forward to spending time with both at and outside of work. The program prioritizes resident input and work-life balance, standing out both virtually and in person as a robust and fun place to train – each day I feel satisfaction and pride as a resident here (and yes, as a NJ transplant). I have faith that I will not only become a strong family physician, but that I will also enjoy every year of my training for it.” – Edward Cho, MD, PGY1

Stephanie Llanos, MD

"I am originally from Miami, Fl, but grew up in Long island, NY, received my bachelor's from Penn state (we are!) and then went to Howard University College of Medicine for medical school.  I had exposure to family medicine from a young age and fell in love with the clinic setting. I enjoy treating adults and children with various medical problems, and love continuity of care. Overlook's Family medicine program is well known in New Jersey (4th best hospital in NJ!), has a big Latinx population and is close to my home, therefore it was a perfect fit. The residents, faculty and staff are very helpful, happy and friendly which was another plus about this program. In my spare time, I love to watch movies, attend the theater, go to the gym, dance, and spend quality time with friends and family." - Stephanie Llanos, MD, PGY1

Danielle Marsh, DO

"I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, but raised in the boogie-down Bronx, NY (and still residing in New York!). I received my Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Judaic Studies at Binghamton University, and completed my Master’s in Biological and Physical Sciences as well as my medical degree at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine- Harlem. Family Medicine was the perfect fit for me because I wanted to maintain a broad understanding of all the medical knowledge I acquired during medical school, while developing life-long relationships with the patients and community I would come to care for. I needed a program that was close to home, had a supportive and non-judgmental environment, heavily involved in the community (especially the underserved), and opportunities to explore my interests (OMM, obesity and integrative medicine). Having to go through the interview process virtually through the pandemic made it a challenge at times to know if there was a true connection with various programs, but Overlook Family Medicine did an amazing job of expressing its heart through the computer screen. However, it was the in-person second look that sealed the deal for me. Not only are the residents and faculty genuinely kind to and happy with one another, the “family”  feel extended to the other health professionals, staff,  and  various  employees throughout the medical center. I look forward to coming in day after day to learn from my preceptors and grow with an amazing group of residents! In my spare time, I enjoy the company of my family and friends, watch re-runs of Star Trek, crochet, and continue my involvement with my church community." - Danielle Marsh, DO, PGY1


Ashley Park, DO

"I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and completed my undergraduate studies at Lehigh University. During my college years, I had the opportunity to work with community organizations that prioritized focus on preventative medicine and the social determinants of health. This interest led to me obtaining my Masters in Public Health at Thomas Jefferson University. However, I knew that I wanted to merge my interests in public health and clinical care as a practicing physician. I then moved to Erie, PA for medical school, and as a 4th year student had the opportunity to rotate at Overlook. From day one I felt very quickly that this was a special place to train; the camaraderie amongst residents, faculty, and staff here is unmatched. There are also so many resources offered at our clinic for our diverse patient population, with ample learning opportunities at all levels of care. I am so grateful to train here and am looking forward to these next 3 years with the Overlook family!" - Ashley Park, DO, PGY1

Iymaan Pinkman, MD

"I'm originally from Morristown NJ, moved to PA before high school. I studied Biology with a minor in Chemistry at Delaware State University and earned my Master's degree at Barry University in Fl. I completed my Medical Degree at St. George's University School of Medicine in Grenada, WI. Going into medical school, I had an interest in both Pediatrics and OB/GYN. While on the island I participated in many community outreach projects like diabetic clinics, mini medschool, and health fairs. I was lucky enough to start off my third year with Family Medicine at Overlook, where there were many opportunities for learning, I gained mentors, and even had the opportunity to participate in local health fairs. After having such a rich experience at Overlook, I knew that Family Medicine would be the best specialty for me to go into (tying in all my interests; pediatrics, obstetrics, women's health, community outreach) and I knew I would have superb learning experience and support at Overlook Family Medicine. Outside of medicine I enjoy spending time with my twin girls, traveling #beachislife, comedy, movies, planning events & trying new restaurants." - Iymaan Pinkman, MD, PGY1

Devin Toledo, DO

"I was born and raised in a small town in North Jersey called Hasbrouck Heights and attended college at the great University of Delaware (Roll Hens). After receiving my B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, I came back to Jersey and completed my medical degree at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. Even before starting medical school, I knew that I wanted to become a primary care physician. The real question was: which post-grad program was going to provide me with a great well-rounded education while simultaneously supporting me throughout the arduous battle that is residency? Although my interview process was conducted completely through a computer screen, it was easy to get a sense of what this organization was about. Both the faculty and residents allow you to feel comfortable in learning and asking questions, thereby maximizing the educational experience. Everyone associated with Overlook Family Medicine is dedicated not only to the practice and to their own individual patients, but also with the education of their own residents. Frequent academic lectures, 1 on 1 meetings with behavioral health staff, an office wide open-door policy, and various social events outside of the hospital all showcase this basic principle. With their goodwill and compassion, they have all allowed for the transition from being a 4th year medical student to 1st year resident to be as seamless as possible. In my eyes, that is the greatest compliment of all and I am lucky to be a part of such a caring organization." - Devin M. Toledo, DO, PGY1