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Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

2019 Philanthropic Funding Needs

Each day brings astounding new possibilities in health care, from clinical breakthroughs to innovative models of delivery. With continued donor support, Chilton Medical Center can sustain and grow its role as a true pioneer, shaping the future of health care and bringing the most promising medical advancements to our hospital and community.

The Campaign for Emergency Care at Chilton Medical Center

Modernized emergency care is essential for Chilton Medical Center to continue to provide our community with a healing environment of unsurpassed quality. Although our emergency department still receives some of Atlantic Health System’s most positive patient satisfaction scores, renovation is long overdue. The rooms and corridors are undersized, offer little privacy and limit patient access for both doctors and visitors. Our goal is to create an emergency department that is spacious, comfortable, convenient and medically sophisticated. It will also be flexible to address the daily shifting needs of a diverse population that includes adult, child and behavioral health patients.

Benefits of Renovation

Additional Space, Comfort, Convenience and Flexibility

Chilton Medical Center’s Emergency Department renovation will expand the size of all patient rooms for increased privacy and includes two additional behavioral health crisis rooms and a new fast track area. This brings the total number of rooms to 34, meeting existing bed capacity.

Better Access and Efficiency

Wayfinding and patient registration is often an unwanted obstacle during an emergency care crisis. That’s why our plans feature a new registration area designed for convenience, safety, security and privacy.

Nursing Observation and Oversight

Vast improvements to the layout of the nurses’ station will allow our staff to more clearly monitor a larger portion of patients.

Fundraising Goal

This urgently-needed project will cost approximately $6 million to complete. Atlantic Health System has already committed half that cost, which leaves the remaining $3 million for the Chilton Medical Center Foundation to raise. Ultimately, our success depends upon the generosity and commitment of those who see the extraordinary value of investing in their community hospital and the thousands of patients we serve.