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Funding Priorities

2018 Philanthropic Funding Needs

Each day brings astounding new possibilities in health care, from clinical breakthroughs to innovative models of delivery. With continued donor support, Chilton Medical Center can sustain and grow its role as a true pioneer, shaping the future of health care and bringing the most promising medical advancements to our hospital and community.

Chilton Medical Center Foundation is currently raising funds for several initiatives aimed at keeping the medical center on the forefront of 21st century care while meeting the region's burgeoning health needs. If you so choose, your gift can benefit one of these exciting projects - and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients:

Palliative Care Funding Initiative

Investing in the growth and expansion of Chilton Medical Center’s palliative care program will provide our patients and families with more services, interventions and resources, thereby improving patient satisfaction, enhancing quality of life, and reducing mortality and re-admission rates. 

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is specialized medical care delivered by an interdisciplinary team of professionals for patients with chronic illness and their families. It focuses on relieving the symptoms and stresses of disease, improving quality of life, establishing patient preferences, and providing emotional and spiritual support.  

Palliative Care vs. Hospice

Palliative care is not simply a precursor to hospice. Some people who use palliative care may subsequently enroll in hospice care, others begin hospice without prior use of palliative care, and still others use palliative care at the end of life, but do not choose to participate in hospice. 

Our Fundraising Goal

When you consider that the majority of Chilton Medical Center’s patient population is over age 65, the need for palliative care services is critical. However, our current staffing structure – which includes one collaborating physician, a full-time advance practice registered nurse (APN), a full-time palliative care nurse (RN), a part-time social worker and a part-time palliative chaplain – has reached its maximum potential and work rate.

Our 2018 Palliative Care Initiative costs a total of $400,000 and will be two-pronged: 

  • Secure philanthropic support to hire an additional RN to join the palliative care team. The cost is $230,000 ($115,000 annually with benefits) to cover a two-year salary.

  • Launch a community-based, conversation project called, “Open the Door: Conversations Matter,” designed to provide education on palliative care and help people begin the conversation about this often challenging topic. The cost is $170, 000 to initiate this program over a three-year period.