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Guided Energy Techniques to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit

March 15, 2017

Holistic nurse Julia Millspaugh, BSN, RN, coordinator for integrative medicine, likens her hands to jumper cables with the energy medicine she practices at the Chambers Center for Well Being.

“In Jin Shin Jyutsu®, we touch specific locations along different energetic pathways so the body can realign its energetic patterns,” says Millspaugh. “The theory is that when the energetic line is back in correct form, then we experience balance, which allows the body to fight off what it normally does when it’s healthy.”

A Wealth of Options

At the Chambers Center for Well Being, practitioners use several energy therapies, including Healing Touch, which uses gentle touch to relax the mind, body and spirit; Jin Shin Jyutsu, a technique that focuses on gentle touch over specific energy pathways; medical Qigong, a practice that integrates postures, movements and breathing to improve mental and physical health; and Reiki, where the hands are used to redirect energy in the body.

Energy medicine, which has its origin in India and China, has been used in the United States for almost two centuries. Most energy healing techniques focus on pathways or channels in the body known as meridians, which form a network to move fluids and provide energy to each part of the body, such as the skin, muscles, bones and organs.

According to integrated medicine practitioner Annette Joubert, LMT, massage therapist with the Chambers Center for Well Being/ Integrative Medicine, “if the patient is having a cardiac issue, we can work on heart function energy. We guide them in a meditation while we move our hands over their body, not touching them. They can visually follow the path of our hands, which encourages them to relax. People say, ‘Oh, I can feel that,’ or ‘I feel tingling,’ so it’s an individual experience.”

Satisfying Results

Millspaugh says patients most often experience relaxation, but may also notice less pain or nausea. Joubert notes that patients “feel more secure, more empowered, more self-directed. We help them regulate their breathing and focus on the area they want to heal, and that’s a huge success for them.”

For more information about energy medicine services, contact the Chambers Center for Well Being at 973-971-6301.