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Stroke Technology Treatment Improves Results

September 15, 2017

When seconds matters, the Stroke Center at Newton Medical Center is here

Lesa McGuinness credits the rapid response and fast actions of Newton Medical Center for saving her mother’s life when she had a stroke. “It was like watching a medical drama on TV,” she says, “with a number of people working with her simultaneously, talking to her and explaining what they were doing and why.”

McGuinness remembers speaking with her mother on the phone and recognizing that she was having a stroke. “I called 911 and said my mother was having a stroke; then turned around and headed right for Newton Medical Center. By the time I got to the hospital, the EMTs had my mom at the emergency room door, and the stroke team was right there waiting for her.”

She was taken in immediately for a computed tomography (CT) scan and then a tele-neurologist, available around the clock through the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute at Overlook Medical Center, appeared on the screen of a life-sized robot and began working alongside the Emergency Department team to begin treatment.  

Time Is of the Essence

Because a stroke cuts off blood supply to part of the brain, rapid diagnosis and treatment are paramount to reducing disability. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel either bursts or is blocked, and it is a leading cause of death and disability. The Stroke Center at Newton Medical Center offers comprehensive, 24/7 service supported by a team of medical experts, including emergency medicine physicians, neurologists, radiologists, internal medicine, hospitalists and nurses with specialized training in stroke care.

“I had heard about Newton Medical Center being the ‘go-to’ treatment center for stroke victims,” says McGuinness. “Our experience with my mother made me a believer! I saw firsthand the execution of a treatment plan with marksman precision coupled with professional, courteous and compassionate care.”

Nationally Recognized

The Stroke Center at Newton Medical Center is designated a Primary Stroke Center by the New Jersey Department of Health and The Joint Commission – the only center in Warren and Sussex counties to receive such distinction. The Stroke Center has also received certification as a Primary Stroke Center by the American Heart Association. This means the center is stroke-focused, and it staffs medical professionals trained in stroke care who provide individualized care that meets the stroke patient’s individual needs.

“I have a nursing background,” says McGuinness. “I couldn’t have been more impressed with the stroke team’s outstanding response – as well as Mom’s treatment in the ICU. Our ER, the stroke team, excellent EMTs and the skilled nursing team delivered exactly what we needed that day to give my mother the best chance for recovery and a healthy future. Because of that collaboration and expertise, Mom was back home in three days. I hope people understand the quality of the health care and emergency services we have right here close to home.”

In a medical emergency, call 911. For more information on the Stroke Center at Newton Medical Center, call 973-579-8572.