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Curing Chronic Wounds

January 15, 2018

Wounds that do not heal, or that heal very slowly, often need the attention of specialists in wound care. For those who live or work in the area, Atlantic Health System has established a team of specialists at the Wound Healing Center at Hackettstown Medical Center. It’s part of a system wide focus on wound care, and one of Atlantic Health System’s six wound treatment centers.

“Wound healing centers understand the process behind healing, why healing might have stalled and what treatments can jump-start it,” says Loretta Ritter, RN, who manages the team sat two of Atlantic Health System's wound healing centers.

Wound care specialists treat patients with diabetes, kidney disease and peripheral vascular disease, for example, when poor blood circulation can slow healing of wounds. They also care for patients with foot or leg ulcers and sores caused by pressure on the skin and tissue. Other common wounds are at the site of surgery and of an ostomy (a procedure to create an opening in the body to allow waste such as urine to drain).

The physicians, nurses and therapists at Hackettstown Medical Center have the training and experience for this range of conditions.

“We use the latest advancements to treat and prevent infection in wounds, in order to avoid loss of tissue,” Ritter says. “Our goal is to help our patients get back to their daily activities and to avoid long-term disabilities related to wounds, including amputation.”

The Wound Healing Center staff works alongside Atlantic Home Care, primary care physicians and other specialists. And as a team, Atlantic Health System’s specialists are very successful.

“The majority of patients in our program, even those who have had chronic wounds for years, heal successfully,” Ritter says. “In fact, Atlantic Health System’s wound care centers have more than a 95 percent healing rate.” 

Contact a specialist at the Wound Healing Center at Atlantic Health System’s Hackettstown Medical Center: 908-979-8788.