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One Patient, One Medical Record…One Atlantic Health System

March 15, 2018

Your electronic medical record does more than chronicle your health history

One patient, one record, one Atlantic Health System. That’s the guiding principle behind Epic, the electronic medical records system currently being adopted in Atlantic Health System hospitals and medical offices. Epic elevates the health care experience for patients and providers by engaging patients as active partners in health care enabling collaboration among physicians, facilitating communication and improving access to information.

When you are treated by one Atlantic Health System physician, that information becomes accessible to all Atlantic Health System physicians. This translates into fewer inefficiencies like duplicated tests and lost time, fewer empty boxes in a medical history, and fewer barriers to expedited care. This view of your health record can be especially helpful in emergency situations, when access to information can be critical.

As an Atlantic Health System patient, you share ownership of your personal Epic record through MyChart, a patient portal that allows 24/7 access to portions of your electronic medical record. You securely use the Internet to receive test results, communicate with doctors, manage appointments, request prescription refills and more. Remember, it’s your information, your health. With MyChart, you can now have it all at your fingertips.

Become better connected to your health and health care providers – go to or download the app from the App Store.

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Use the Atlantic Health app to view your medical records, find providers and schedule appointments, access telemedicine services, track your health and fitness, and more.