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Building a Stronger Union

April 30, 2019

Physicians join together to improve access to care with the creation of Atlantic Medical Group Primary Care at Union 

The healthiest communities are built on a solid foundation of access to quality primary care. Atlantic Health System has bolstered that foundation in our own communities with the creation of Atlantic Medical Group Primary Care at Union. At the Overlook Medical Center Health Pavilion at Union, 10 physicians from three of the area’s most well-established practices – Union Primary Care, Hillside Family Practice and Roselle Park Primary Care – have joined together to serve the area’s primary care needs.

“There is strength in numbers,” says Gary Kershner, DO, managing physician for the new practice. “With multiple practices from the same geographic area coming together under one roof, we have been able to create one well-rounded practice, staffed by physicians with decades of experience. By coordinating our efforts, we can serve the larger community more efficiently, with greater availability and without any gaps in care.”

Atlantic Medical Group Primary Care at Union offers extended hours, online scheduling so patients can schedule appointments at any time, and open access for same-day and walk-in patients. “When someone is ill,” says Kathleen Ferrara, director of clinical operations for Atlantic Medical Group, “we know they want to be seen right away. We want to answer those patient needs as quickly as possible.”

Another benefit to the new practice is the on-site proximity to ancillary services, including a fully operational emergency department, radiology, infusion and a full-service lab. There are also a number of specialists on-site – cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists and oncologists, among others – as well as Atlantic Health System Physical Therapy. “This is all in the same building, so it’s very easy for us to refer our patients to these services,” says Dr. Kershner. He points out that all physicians have access to the same electronic medical records, which means your care goes with you – no breakdowns in communication, no duplicated tests and no lapses in care.

Adds Ferrara, “We brought together all of these wonderful things so we can best service our population in primary care and specialty care. We’re removing impediments and giving patients better access, because we know access improves care.”

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