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Health Care Without an Address

June 25, 2019

In a recent report, 51.3% of patients cited convenient, easy access to care as the most important factor in their health care decision-making. It topped brand reputation, quality of care and insurance coverage.

Hospitals and health systems are responding by reinventing themselves to provide care and wellness support in new venues — meeting people where they are. Examples include home health services, telehealth, wearable monitoring devices, and clinics within the community.

This weekend, I was pleased to participate in a robust, American Hospital Association-sponsored discussion as part of the Aspen Ideas Health Festival on how hospitals and health systems are adapting to this new push beyond our traditional boundaries, and what this shift means for affordability, patient outcomes and the care experience.

Joining me for “Healthcare Without an Address” were AHA board member John Haupert, president and CEO, Grady Health System (GA); Saum Sutaria, M.D., COO, Tenet Healthcare; and Maryjane Wurth, AHA executive vice president and COO. We had a fantastic dialogue and appreciated the opportunity to share our message of health care transformation with a larger audience.

Listen to the Healthcare Without an Address podcast >

Source: American Hospital Association