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Stay Hydrated for Exercise in the Summer Heat

Stay Hydrated for Exercise in the Summer Heat

June 22, 2022

Preparation Is Key to Keeping Hydrated on Hot Days

Summer seasonal activity and exercise occurs during the hottest and most humid part of the year, which means your body will sweat out fluids it needs to stay hydrated. 

“Sweating is natural, and the evaporation of fluids is the way our bodies cool themselves,” says cardiologist Michael Weinrauch, MD.

It is important to replace those fluids by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Dr. Weinrauch adds that people need to exercise smarter, not harder. 

“You should avoid the hottest part of the day and get in activity in the morning or evening hours and carefully monitor the intensity and duration of your workouts.” 

Dr. Weinrauch says that monitoring the color and frequency of your urination is one way to understand the body’s need for hydration. 

Prep For Your Workout

  • Prepare and drink plenty of fluids the night before
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol  
  • Dress the part: wear the least amount of clothing that you can and include lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow the body to cool.


“Dark, infrequent urination is a concern; clear, frequent urination is best.” 

Sports cardiologist Matthew Martinez, MD, adds that hydration is something to think about far in advance of when you plan to be most active. “If you try to make up for a lack of hydration when you are in crisis, you’ve missed the boat!”

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