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Community of Care

Community of Care

Environmental, Social, Governance

In every single thing we do, we seek to do good.

To promote access to health care services, well-being and security for every patient and caregiver, Atlantic Health System supports our extraordinary caring with a commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and principled business practices.

With leadership and insight from the Governance Committee of our Board of Trustees, Atlantic Health System’s 20,000+ dedicated team members have rallied behind and are invested in our commitment to ESG. We continue to develop and shape our innovative program called Community of Care. 

A ven diagram showing the overlap of environmental, social and governance initiatives.

ESG at a Glance

ESG is a framework for evaluating an enterprise’s performance with regard to socially desirable impacts or results. The initials stand for “environmental, social, governance,” which are the three pillars of the framework. At the most basic level, the desired outcome for the environmental pillar is sustainability; for social, it is equity; and for governance, integrity.

Why ESG? Why now?

We live in a hyper-connected world, and our actions — as an organization and as individuals — can and often do have a far-reaching impact. We should all want that impact to be positive. ESG has always been in Atlantic Health’s DNA. We recognize that we all live on the same planet, we all want to be valued, and we all want to trust our institutions, especially the institutions that care for us. That’s why ESG is a priority. It’s not a legal obligation for us. It’s a choice to do the right thing in all things.


We practice conservation and are farsighted stewards of our environment and natural resources.


We promote understanding, diversity and inclusion among our team members and community while advocating for social and economic justice and health care equity.


We conduct our business with integrity and transparency, governing through a resilient corporate structure that appreciates the far-reaching impact of our choices.

Atlantic Health System is a destination for extraordinary caring for millions of residents throughout New Jersey who rely on us daily. Our commitment to integrity and transparency is reflected in everything we do for our patients and each other, ensuring that our patients receive the best care while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Brian Gragnolati, President and CEO Atlantic Health System

Life at Atlantic Health System

Our culture thrives on meaningful connections. With a focus on collaboration, we’re driving the future of health care through innovation, excellence and a commitment to our communities and to each other.