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Home Care and Hospice Spotlight: Ty Clancy

May 29, 2024

Tara "Ty" Clancy on the Moth mainstage.

It takes a special kind of person to be a home care nurse: Compassionate, caring, committed — and, of course, skilled. Those are the traits we look for at Atlantic Visiting Nurse. Tara “Ty” Clancy is all those things and more.

Ty’s journey into home care nursing is as unique and interesting as she is. Learn more about her story and how you, too, can find a fulfilling career as a home care nurse with Atlantic Visiting Nurse.

From Radio Host and Author to Home Care Nurse

Ty Clancy has always had a passion for telling stories. She is the author of the memoir, The Clancys of Queens, she performs, writes and hosts performances at the Moth and she is the former host of National Public Radio’s The Moth Radio Hour . Her gift for storytelling comes from her strong desire to get to know people and understand who they are on a personal level.

One of the ways Ty fostered relationships was through her volunteer work with SAGE, an organization dedicated to serving and advocating for LGBTQ+ elders. It was this work that led her to a career in nursing.

A career shift is never easy, but when you’re committed to the cause (like Ty was), it’s always worth it. After completing the pre-requisite science courses, Ty graduated from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing and began looking for her ideal nursing position.

Finding a Home in Home Care

“I knew that I wanted to be in home care, and maybe even in hospice,” Ty explains. “But my understanding was that you couldn’t do that as a brand-new nurse, understandably so.”

After some time, Ty found the Hire Learning Residency Program at Atlantic Visiting Nurse. Our program — a one-year, on-the-job training program that pairs recent nursing school graduates with strong mentors, giving them real-time experience across different units linked to the area they wish to specialize in — was exactly what she was looking for.

"Not only was it a residency, but it was like the single best-conceived residency I had heard of, by a lot,” Ty says.

Ty feels more at home now than ever before. Supporting people in need, like our patients recovering from illness or surgery, those coping with chronic conditions, families facing end-of-life care, and older adults needing help to remain living independently, is her true calling.

“This is where I was meant to be.”

Join Our Team

We need more compassionate, caring, committed home care nurses like Ty — and you. If you value a work environment that gives you the same unwavering support we provide our patients, join our team.

Learn more about Atlantic Visiting Nurse, explore current home care nursing job openings, find home care nursing events and sign up for updates from our Careers team so you never miss an opportunity to be a part of our special team.

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