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Pediatric Allergy Diagnostic Tests & Screenings

Finding the root cause of a child’s allergy is not always easy, but is absolutely necessary to rule out other possible causes of symptoms, such as an infection, and achieve long-term relief. What’s more, any defects in the body’s immune system must be diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid long-term complications in the future.

At Goryeb Children’s Hospital's Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, we offer several diagnostic examinations for kids with allergies and immune system disorders:

  • Skin tests – a suspected allergy-causing substance is placed on or just below the skin and then watched for signs of a reaction
  • Blood tests – measures the amount of allergy-related substances in the blood stream and can be used to pinpoint the existence of an immune system disorder
  • Elimination tests – a potential allergen is avoided to see if symptoms improve
  • Pulmonary function tests – measure how well the lungs breathe in and release air; also called spirometry

In some cases, multiple visits with our team may be necessary to achieve a definitive diagnosis. As part of Atlantic Health System Children’s Health, physician services are provided through Atlantic Medical Group and are on staff at Goryeb Children’s Hospital.