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Post Intensive Care Syndrome

What Can We Help You With?

Post Intensive Care Syndrome is a combination of any of the following:

Physical challenges Cognitive ChallengesPsychological Challenges
Weakness (also known as ICU acquired weakness) 

Difficulty focusing or paying attention

Issues with balance 

Brain fog

Easily fatigued doing simple daily tasks Difficulty recalling what was just read or said Loneliness and isolation 
Breathing difficulties Difficulty following a series of steps 

Post traumatic stress / panic attacks

Pain and numbness 

Difficulty in conducting tasks of daily living

Difficulty in conducting tasks of daily living

Neuromuscular  impairment

Slow mental processing

Sleep disturbances

You are not alone:  It is important to understand that you are not alone if you are experiencing any of these challenges.

Post Intensive Care Syndrome-Family

Family members and caregivers of former ICU patients can also experience emotional and psychological health problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.   Family members and caregivers may also experience isolation and loneliness, financial difficulties and sleep disturbances.

Group of adults in a support group

Thrive: ICU Survivors Peer Support Group

 Survivors of critical illness and their adult family members and caregivers can connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges during recovery. The group is led by social work staff and a peer lived experience volunteer.   Thrive is meeting virtually via secure videoconferencing. Please call 973-971-5699 to register at least one week prior to your first day attending the group.