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Expectant parents Michael G. and Marie M. of Westfield, New Jersey thought they had plenty of time to get married before the birth of their first child. The baby, however, had other plans.

When Marie’s water broke three weeks early, the couple rushed to Morristown Medical Center. The health and safety of mom and baby were paramount, but there was another matter concerning the soon-to-be parents. They didn’t want the birth certificate to list Michael as fiancée. Since they already had their marriage license, Michael and Marie asked the maternity center staff if there was any way they could get married at the hospital. In the blink of an eye, nurses became wedding planners.

Michael and Marie with baby at Morristown Medical Center

“Everyone was incredible,” says Michael. “The nurses were scrambling – one was trying to get ordained online, one went outside and picked flowers for a bouquet, others were monitoring Marie and the baby’s vitals.”

Ultimately, a chaplain on call at the medical center was able to perform the ceremony.

“It was like a real ceremony. Our moms were there. We had flowers. We exchanged vows. It was beautiful,” Michael says.

The honeymoon, however, would have to wait. Less than a minute after Michael kissed his bride, Marie was transported to the operating room for a C-section, and Michael Preston G. was born to newly-wed parents.

“We could not be more blessed and more grateful,” says Marie. “I can’t believe this is our story.”

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