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Skull Base Tumors

Due to the complex and delicate anatomy of the skull base, tumors in this region are some of the most difficult conditions treated by surgeons. However, patients at Atlantic Health System Neuroscience's Skull Base Surgery Program can rest assure that they are receiving expert, multidisciplinary care tailored to their individual needs.

skull base tumor imaging

Our specialized team, which works in collaboration with Atlantic Neuroscience Institute and the Leonard B. Kahn Head and Neck Cancer Institute, includes experts from neurosurgery, otolaryngology (head and neck) surgery, neuro-ophthalmology and radiation oncology. They use both traditional open microsurgery and endoscopic minimally-invasive surgery, to treat tumors and conditions affecting the three regions of the skull base – anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossa. Each patient’s case is reviewed to determine which option best suits their individual needs.

Anterior compartment conditions that we treat include:

Middle compartment conditions that we treat include:

Posterior compartment conditions that we treat include: