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Team Medical Services

Team Medical Services

Atlantic Health offers a wide range of professional health care services designed to support athletic programs, educational institutions, and more. Our team of experts provide top-notch care and support for your needs surrounding athletic training, team physicians, school physicians, and more.

Our specific medical services include the following:

Athletic Training Services

Our athletic training services are staffed by highly qualified professionals who are board-certified and licensed in the state of New Jersey. Here's what sets our athletic training services apart:

  • Full-time, part-time, or per diem athletic trainers are available to meet your scheduling needs.
  • Our athletic trainers boast a collective 70+ years of experience, ensuring expert care for your athletes.
  • We offer an impressive 97% coverage rate for per diem athletic trainer services, ensuring that your athletes are always in capable hands.

Team Physician Services

Our team physician services are tailored to provide comprehensive care for your athletes and athletic programs.

Our services include:

  • Development of a personalized plan of care for athletic trainers to ensure the health and well-being of your athletes.
  • Expert guidance in developing and implementing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and athletic policy counseling to maintain a safe and efficient athletic environment.
  • Sideline coverage to ensure immediate care in the event of injuries or medical emergencies.
  • Access to our campus injury clinic, providing convenient and expert care for your athletes.

Additional Services

Engaging and educational events to promote health and wellness in your institution.

  • Access to our Healthy Roster platform, offering innovative tools for managing athlete health records.
  • Performance testing to assess and enhance athlete performance.
  • Nutrition counseling to optimize athlete health and well-being.