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Pre-Surgical Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Having all the information you need about your surgery and post-surgery treatment before you are admitted to the hospital can make a big difference in your recovery. Here is a list of questions Atlantic Health System recommends you ask your doctor:

  • Are there any medications or over-the-counter drugs, including vitamin supplements or herbs, that I need to stop taking before my surgery? If yes, when should I take my last dose?
  • Can I take any medications with water on the morning of my surgery?
  • Approximately how long will I be in the hospital when I have this surgery?
  • Will I need to have any prescriptions filled after I am discharged from the hospital?
  • When should I make the appointment for my postoperative surgeon's office visit?
  • Will I need someone to stay with me after the surgery? If yes, for how long?
  • Are there any arrangements I need to make to prepare for continuing my care, inside or outside of my home, after I am  discharged from the hospital?
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Medication Record

The best way to track medications to assist your health care team and prevent dangerous drug interactions  is to create a personal medication record.