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What Families Should Expect During Surgery

At Atlantic Health System, we understand that you may be anxious waiting for a loved one to return from surgery. That’s why we’ve put together the following tips and expectations that may help you through this difficult time:

  • Family members should immediately check in to the waiting room after the patient has been taken to the holding area.
  • The length of surgery time you were given is an estimate, and while some operations are completed on schedule, others take longer than expected. This does not mean there was a complication or problem.
  • The surgeon will call or come out to see a member of the family when the surgery is complete.
  •  Feel free to visit our coffee shops, gift shop, cafeteria,
    quiet room or chapel, but be sure a member of the family remains in the
    waiting room in case a member of our team needs to speak with them.
  • Please check in with the waiting room desk staff when leaving or returning to the waiting area. Any messages for you will be left there.