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What to Expect in the Operating Room

Atlantic Health System operating rooms (OR) are staffed with highly-trained professionals who provide a sterile and safe environment for your surgery to be performed. While there, you may expect the following:

  • The lights may be bright.
  • You may feel drowsy if you were given medication in the surgical holding area.
  • You will be moved from the stretcher or wheelchair to an operating room table. A special protective strap will prevent you from falling.
  • Your OR team will be wearing gowns, masks, and head and foot coverings.
  • Special pads placed on your chest will monitor your heartbeat.
  • A clip placed on your finger will measure the oxygen level in your blood, as well as your breathing.
  • A cuff placed on your arm will gently squeeze on and off as it monitors your blood pressure.
  • You will receive oxygen supplied through a mask on your face.
  • Special stockings may be placed on your legs, as well as compression devices that keep blood flowing through your veins, while under anesthesia.
  • Your surgeon will speak to your family after the surgery has been completed.


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