Wait times represent the average estimated length of time from registration to being assigned a "first provider" (a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant). Times displayed for Atlantic Health Systems are:

  • Reported as an average of wait times for the previous 2 hours of patients that have presented to the emergency department and have been seen by a provider
  • Refreshed at least every 15 minutes

Many circumstances can affect wait times - for example, patients arriving by ambulance or with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Patients with severe conditions will be seen before those with less-serious problems or ailments. These times are provided for informational purposes only and cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.

Location Emergency Wait

Last Updated: Aug. 28, 2017 10:36 am

Emergency? Call 911!

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Women's Health Medical Team

Our Medical Team


David Hirsch, MD
Vina Isaac, MD
Stephen Leviss, MD
Audrey Prefer, MD
Patricia Robinson, MD
Donald Rubino, MD


Paul Heller, MD
Nana Tchabo, MD
Daniel Tobias, MD

Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Carlos Benito, MD
Maryellen L. Hanley, MD
Mary Khine, MD
Susan Lashley, MD
Denise Netta, MD
Karen E. Russo-Stieglitz, MD
Leena Shah, MD


Tina Alessi, CNM
Joanne Cunha, CNM, MS
Susan Grimes, NP
Kim Kirby, CNM
Lisa Lederer, RN, CNM
Lisa Millstein, CNM, MSN
Roxann G. Mitchell, RN, CNM
Cindy Redmond, RN, CNM
Donna C. Roosa, CNM, MS
JoAnne Yates, CNM, MS


Kimberlee Austin, MD
Judy Banks, MD
Craig Bissinger, MD
Corey S. Bosin, MD
Debra Brenin-Goldfisher, MD
Andrei Buna, MD
Patricia Convery, MD
Angelina H. Culin, MD
Sneha Desai, MD
John Feltz, MD
Daniel Ferrante, DO
Freida E. Lewis, MD
David Garfinkel, MD
Ian Gluck, MD
Dawn Goldstein, MD
Kerry Graebe, MD
Steven Haskel, MD
Judith E. Hersh, MD
Alyssa G. Horowitz, MD
Matthew Iammatteo, MD
Kathryn Jones, MD
Regina Kaplan, MD
James Kuchera, MD
Michael Kuchera, MD
Lakshmi Rani R. Laguduva, MD
Paul Lam, MD
Vivian Lo, MD
Sharon Mass, MD
Robert Mohr, MD
Naomi H. Miller, MD
Laura Morley, MD
Cem Omay, MD
Sara O'Reilly, DO
Vijay Pendse, MD
Andria V. Pennant, MD
Sarah Potash, MD
Nina Reynolds, MD
Richard N. Rothenberg, MD
Daniel Sansobrino, MD
Marlan K. Schwartz, MD
Yashica Shah, MD
Khalida Sharafi, MD
Donia Shaw, MD
Fred Silverberg, MD
Robert Steer, MD
Claudine M. Sylvester, MD
Malua I. Tambi, MD
Nana E. Tchabo, MD
Michael V. Venanzi, MD
Sonya J. Youngren, MD

Reproductive Medicine

Paul A. Bergh, MD
Michael K. Bohrer, MD
Maria F. Costantini-Ferrando, MD
Michael R. Drews, MD
Eric Forman, MD
Rita Gulati, MD
Doreen L. Hock, MD
Thomas J. Kim, MD
Marcy F. Maguire, MD
Thomas Molinaro, MD
Jamie Morris, MD
Eli A. Rybak, MD
Richard T. Scott, MD
Shefali Shastri, MD
Wendy Shillings, MD


Ricardo Caraballo, MD
Charbel Salamon, MD
Erika Wasenda, MD