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Nursing at Newton Medical Center

Newton Medical Center nurses believe their mission is to provide for much more than just their patients’ physical needs. Our nurses believe they are responsible with nourishing their patients physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually at every encounter.

Our professional practice model displays that care in the form of a flower. The center represents the most important components of helping a patient attain optimal health: the patient, the nurse, and the community. The petals represent some of our core nursing values. The palms of each hand represent our shared governance structure and our nursing philosophy, which support the whole flower.

This model gives us a format that nourishes an interconnected health care team that consistently delivers high quality care.

Nursing Mission

The mission of nursing practice at Newton Medical Center to deliver high quality, patient centered, evidenced based care to improve the health of those in the communities we serve.

Nursing Vision

To create an environment that enriches the hearts, minds, and growth of its professional registered nurses.

Nursing Values

Extraordinary caring, compassion, quality, teamwork, diversity, equity, inclusion, advocacy, professionalism, innovation, education, leadership, respect, purpose, evidence-based practice, and research.

Principles of Shared Governance

  1. Acknowledgement of the role of the clinical nurse as central to the hospital's mission of patient care.
  2. Clinical nursing staff are given accountability for all issues relating to nursing practice.
  3. Staff has a shared role, with management in the issues of budgeting, staffing and working conditions.

Our shared governance model starts with the New Jersey Nurse Practice Act. It defines our scope of practice.

Other values support our mission such as accountability, professionalism and innovation. 

Each Atlantic Health System hospital hosts a shared governance council that includes nurses and allied professionals from all departments. Members to meet to review pertinent issues, review policies, exchange information, plan educational programs, and set goals.

Council decisions are made based on nursing practice as defined by Atlantic Health System, the policies and procedures of the hospital, standards set forth by The Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, and the New Jersey Board of Nursing. 

Pathways Status

Newton Medical Center has achieved Pathway to Excellence designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This program recognizes a health care organization’s commitment to creating a positive practice environment that empowers and engages staff.