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Message from the Chief Nursing Officer

A Message from Mary Pat Sullivan, MSN, RN, CNS, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Overlook Medical Center:

I consider it one of my greatest professional honors to serve and lead the 1,100 registered nurses at Overlook Medical Center, who passionately demonstrate excellence in their clinical practice. As an organization, we are tasked to respond to rapid changes in health care and evolving technology – a challenge which all nurses at our hospital meet with caring, compassion and competence. 

This commitment is consistent with the beliefs of Dr. Kristen Swanson, whose theory of caring guides our culture. As such, we support nurses’ autonomy and empower them to be instrumental care delivery partners with our interprofessional colleagues, patients, families and communities.

Here at Overlook Medical Center, we truly believe nursing is both an art and a science. That’s why we encourage innovation at all levels of the organization and provide opportunities for nurses to engage in research that drives evidence-based practices.

Our robust shared governance structure places decision-making into the hands of those closest to the patient. After all, who better to make these decisions than a nurse? The ingenuity and creativity of our nurses in developing interventions that address the holistic needs of our patients is reflected in our superior clinical quality outcomes, safety and patient experience. We embody the tenet that excellence is the anchor of nursing practice.

As CNO, I firmly believe in the ongoing professional development of our nurses. We support life-long learning opportunities for our clinical ladder, as well as national certification and advanced academic education to ensure our staff is equipped to provide the highest quality care. There is continuous effort to recruit and retain the highest quality nursing professionals and provide an environment for their advancement and personal success.

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