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Physicians enrolled in Morristown Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) Fellowship participate in courses, conferences, meetings, community outreach programs, paramedic training and pre-hospital care.

Courses for EMS Fellows

  • National Association of Emergency Medicine Services Physicians’ (NAEMSP) National EMS Medical Directors course
  • Air Medical Physician Association’s (AMPA) National Air Medical Directors course
  • Incident Command Systems 100 and 200
  • Emergency Vehicles Operations
  • Hazardous Material Technician training
  • Chemical/Biologic/Radiological/Nuclear Emergencies (CBRNE)
  • Atlantic Health System cadaver labs

Conferences for EMS Fellows

  • New Jersey State Office of Emergency Medicine Services (NJOEMS) Conference
  • AMPA meeting
  • NJ State First Aid Council Convention
  • Leading Edge-NJ EMS Paramedic Conference
  • National Association of EMS Physicians’ meeting
  • Journal clubs
  • Morristown Medical Emergency Medicine resident weekly conferences

Recurring Meetings for EMS Fellows

  • Quarterly New Jersey Mobile Intensive Care Unit Advisory Council meetings
  • Quarterly NJ EMS Council meetings
  • Monthly site chart review and Continuing Quality Improvement meetings
  • Monthly Atlantic Health System Medical Oversight Board meetings
  • Bi-monthly Atlantic Ambulance management meetings

Community Outreach

Our fellows deliver lectures at local first aid squads, manage community safety meetings and attend all Atlantic Health System public gatherings that require medical support. Fellows are required to develop monthly lectures to deliver to individual local first aid squads and review current standards for use of mobile intensive care unit (MICU) personnel.

Paramedic Training 

Paramedic training is an important role of EMS medical directors. Fellows have an integral role in Atlantic Health System paramedic education and provide an average of two hours of lectures per month. In addition, they assist at Atlantic Health System cadaver labs.

Pre-Hospital Care

Fellows are responsible for maintenance and management of an MD-1 vehicle, used for pre-hospital responses in the region surrounding Atlantic Health System hospitals. The vehicle is a specially-equipped truck that contains controlled medications, laboratory equipment, fiber optic intubation tools, surgical supplies and many other pieces of equipment critical for superior pre-hospital care. Fellows can respond to mass casualty incidents, entrapments and prolonged extrication times when requested by the MICUs, or when they think the patient may benefit from their expertise. When possible, fellows provide on-line command to the paramedics on scene and by radio. A pre-requisite in defensive driving is required.


Formal quarterly evaluations by our fellowship director address our fellow’s interactions with residents and pre-hospital providers, research endeavors, participation in administrative meetings, leadership abilities, pre-hospital clinical care and general progress in the specialty of EMS. In addition, the medical director of Atlantic Ambulance evaluates fellows’ performance on a biannual basis, focusing on their administrative abilities.