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Community Medicine

Our family medicine residents are involved in community activities throughout their residency program and are strongly encouraged to become engaged in the community where they live and work.  Many are able to continue volunteer activities they were involved in prior to residency.

Our residents attend a Well Child Clinic, meet with a nearby town’s Public Health Department Director, do restaurant visits with the town’s Health Inspector, participate in screenings and community education programs with Overlook's Community Health Department, attend an AA meeting,  and conduct health screenings and education programs at local Y’s, a food bank and other local organizations and participate in screenings and programs at the site of Family Promise, an organization which supports homeless families, with which the residency partners. Senior residents will assume a primary care role and provide home care visits for selected elderly patients in the community with OFM Faculty attendings and provide hospice home visits for hospice patients under the leadership of Janice Baker, MD.