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Sports Cardiology Fellowship Curriculum

The primary goal of Atlantic Health System's Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Sports Cardiology fellowship at Morristown Medical Center is to improve the diagnosis and care of HCM and sports cardiology patients.

Our program encompasses broad training in the field, including outpatient, and inpatient experience, along with surgical and imaging experience.  A clear focus on HCM and a deep dive into the ways athletes, and highly-active people, present cardiovascular issues and require different management strategies. This will prepare fellows for both an academic and non-academic practice setting.

Our program offers:

  • Innovative, experiential learning that covers different clinical scenarios
  • Multiple practical opportunities to review "real-life" cases
  • Opportunities to screen local and elite athletes for participation in sports activities
  • Supervised research opportunities
  • Conference attendance

Our fellowship fulfills the goal of improving the diagnosis and care of those with HCM and athletes with risk for cardiac arrest. Our curriculum, comprised of four distinct categories, forms a thorough foundation for the sports cardiologist whose roles will ultimately vary depending on the type of patient-athlete.

The four pillars of our program are:

  • Supervised assessment of athletes with symptoms suggestive of cardiovascular disease using advanced cardiovascular imaging and testing technologies
  • Clinical care of the symptomatic athlete
  • Independent research opportunities, mentored by clinical leaders in the field of cardiology
  • Cardiovascular screening for patients prior to their participation in sports activities



Fellows will have an opportunity to participate in several local and international conferences when applicable:

Conferences could include:

  • Atlantic Health System Research Symposium
  • NFL Combine
  • NBA Combine
  • Top 100 U.S. Basketball Experience
  • Local high-school, collegiate and professional teams