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Latin America Mobile Hospital Unit (UHMLA)

Unidad Hospitalaria Movil Latinoamerica or Latin America Mobile Hospital Unit  (UHMLA) is a non-profit organization founded by surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals. Every year, attendings, residents along with nurses and other medical professionals travel to remote areas of Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Honduras to provide access to much needed care.

Their vision and mission is to " bring healthcare to Latin America where it is needed most by delivering medical and surgical care through periodic and scheduled visits to underserved areas."

Despite having limited resources, UHMLA has provided life-altering and sometimes life-saving service for hundreds of patients. We believe that crossing borders to relieve suffering builds long lasting relationships amongst our doctors, Latin American doctors and patients, fostering improved medical attention in underserved populations in Latin America.

While general surgery residents do not currently receive credit for participating in these outreach programs, the trips provide opportunities and insight into global surgery and how international and rural hospitals are run on a daily basis. Residents are able to work alongside attendings and develop leadership skills and improve surgical skills.

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General Surgery Mission: U.H.M.L.A.: Unidad Hospitalaria Movil Latinoamerica

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