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Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

In the event of a psychiatric emergency, Atlantic Behavioral Health offers crisis intervention services, including a 24-hour crisis hotline, risk assessments and screenings, and community trauma assistance.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Our professional crisis therapists provide round-the-clock, confidential support and treatment for those in a mental health or substance misuse emergency. Following an initial assessment and crisis stabilization session, patients are referred to the appropriate level of care.

Psychiatric Emergency Services and Screening Center

Newton Medical Center is a state-designated Psychiatric Emergency Services and Screening Center, providing 24-hour emergency mental health care to patients of any age, both over the phone and in person. Services include risk assessments, screenings, crisis intervention and stabilization, and referrals to other resources. When necessary, our team can respond to crises on location in the community.

Community Crisis and Trauma Services

When a traumatic or catastrophic event occurs – whether at school, work, the neighborhood or larger community – Atlantic Behavioral Health is there to help survivors, witnesses and their families begin the healing process.


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