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Oncology Nutrition

Oncology Nutrition

The oncology registered dietitians and nutritionists (RDNs) of Atlantic Health System are valued members of your health care team. 

Eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight are integral parts of the entire cancer continuum: prevention, treatment, survivorship, and palliative care. Working with a dietitian to optimize nutrition during and after treatment can improve your response to cancer therapies, minimize side effects and complications, and enhance overall health and well-being.

Our dietitians will work closely with you, your family members, and other members of your health care team to help you:

  • Make dietary changes to prevent unintentional weight loss, increase energy, and improve quality of life during treatment
  • Manage side effects of cancer and chemotherapy and radiation treatment, including nausea, poor appetite, diarrhea, dry or sore mouth, taste changes, and difficulty swallowing
  • Manage tube feedings (enteral nutrition)
  • Optimize nutrition before and after surgery to promote healing and recovery
  • Adopt diet and lifestyle changes that can reduce risk for cancer recurrence and help manage other chronic conditions
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight after treatment
  • Make sense of conflicting advice on diet and nutrition for cancer patients by providing sound, science-based information

Our dietitians specialize in oncology nutrition and will provide personalized recommendations to meet your individual health needs. Nutrition services are provided free of charge.

To speak with an oncology registered dietitian/nutritionist, please contact:

Morristown Medical Center 

Overlook Medical Center

Chilton Medical Center

Newton Medical Center

Hackettstown Medical Center