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Eating Disorder Patient Stories

See what families had to say about the Pediatric Eating Disorders Center at Atlantic Health System Children's Health:

From the beginning of my daughter's intake into the program, I knew we had found a very special place. The health care professionals we met with were truly specialists and immediately helped us to demystify her eating disorder. Every day, she was given practical tools to help her heal and skills she could implement on a daily basis. As her physical body was restored, her mind and emotions began to follow suit. It has not been an easy road, but we are so very grateful for the caring, insightful staff that has helped her immensely as her recovery process continues. This place saved her life.”

– D.G.

"Pulling our daughter out of high school three weeks into the school year and putting her into the program at Overlook Medical Center was the hardest decision we have ever made as parents and we never second guessed our decision. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result was insanity. We finally had to face that we could no longer handle the disease on our own. Overlook was the right decision at the right time for our daughter’s and our family’s well-being.”– Anonymous

“We tried everything as loving parents to get out daughter to eat, to no avail. This program taught us what we were dealing with, how to treat it, as well as how not to treat it. We believed in, trusted and followed the program through its entire course, and little by little our daughter became healthy again. She is now 17 and doing very, very well! Thank you to all the doctors and entire staff who helped our family combat this terrible disease.”– Mike W.

“This program is incredible in that it continues to support the parents and the child throughout all the stages of recovery. The treatment my family received has helped us communicate better and build deep bonds with each other that put family trust first. The program is constructed to empower the parents and build compassion and understanding of the peculiarities of this disease. The team saved my child’s life and reconstructed her outlook to get a stronger version of herself back!”– Susie L.

“We felt like the eating disorder had stolen everything we loved about our daughter. During her treatment at Overlook Medical Center, day by day, piece by piece, she returned to us. I'm so thankful for this wonderful program and the doctors and therapists at Overlook. I'm not sure what we would've done without their love and care.”– Lucy S.

“We are thankful for the partial hospitalization program at Atlantic Health System. Without it, we are not certain if our child could have overcome his eating disorder. Thanks to the staff for their unwavering commitment to each child that comes through the program. They are accessible, honest, caring, professional and, most importantly, the best at what they do. We are forever grateful to everyone who played a part in helping our child win this battle.”– Anonymous

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Generous Sponsors

Our eating disorders program was developed by and is supported through generous donations from individuals, families and organizations concerned with the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.