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Neuroscience Research and Clinical Trials

Atlantic Health System Neuroscience is engaged in extensive, ongoing research to offer the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services available to treat strokes, brain tumors, autism, spinal disorders and other neurological conditions.

Movement disorders are an area of specialized focus for our researchers. The program remains committed to bringing as many Parkinson's disease clinical trials and studies to Overlook Medical Center as possible, understanding the complexity of the condition and the diverse needs of these patients.

Our physicians are also highly involved in pediatric and adolescent neuroscience research, with expertise in identifying the genetic and environmental risk factors that contribute to Tourette's syndrome and autism. Discoveries in these fields have helped improve diagnostic guidelines and aided in the development of both medicinal and alternative therapies for these conditions.

We also continuously evaluate protocols in development for Lyme disease, as well as the use of coils and novel materials to treat aneurysms that cannot be addressed with traditional surgical approaches.