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Enhanced MRI Performance

Compared to a standard MRI of the same field strength, the MAGNETOM Vida is 25 percent faster and produces higher quality images, which translates into improved diagnostic capabilities. In fact, physicians using this machine are able to see vital structures in a level of clarity they’ve never before experienced.

Radiology tech views 3T MRI scan

Personalized Imaging

Traditional MRI of the chest and abdomen often requires patients to hold their breath for long periods of time. This not only uncomfortable, but also sometimes impossible. To overcome this challenge, the MAGNETOM Vida uses what’s called BioMatrix Technology, which allows the MRI to adapt to each patient’s unique variability. It can detect individual breathing patterns and lung volumes, thereby minimizing breath holding and reducing the need for rescans.

Improved Comfort

The MAGNETOM Vida was designed with patient comfort in mind, featuring a wide bore opening that allows for sufficient airflow and can accommodate patients weighing up to 550 pounds. The machine also has a quiet scanning mode, which reduces the loud banging noises often found with traditional MRI, and ambient technology that projects relaxing images onto the unit itself or the walls of the exam room. Patients have their choice of colors and themes most soothing to them; they may also bring movies to watch during the scan or listen to music on their own MP3 players.

Pioneering the Future of MRI Technology

As the only hospital in the state offering the MAGNETOM Vida, Overlook Medical Center has established itself as a leader in MRI technology. This may provide opportunities for us to participate in select clinical trials conducted by large academic institutions that further the progress of medicine.

Previous Generation MRI vs. 3T MAGNETOM Vida

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