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Urologic Robotic Surgery

Due to the tightly-confined area and sensitive nerves associated with the urinary tract and reproductive organs, robotic surgery may be recommended to best preserve function. At Morristown Medical Center, Overlook Medical Center and Chilton Medical Center, our teams of specialized surgeons use the da Vinci® surgical system to treat a variety of urologic conditions, including:

Urologic and urogynecologic robotic surgeries available at Morristown, Overlook and Chilton medical centers:

Additional urologic and urogynecologic robotic procedures available at Morristown Medical Center:

  • Adrenalectomy
  • Augmentation cystoplasty
  • Ileal conduit and neobladder procedures
  • Partial and radical cystectomy
  • Pediatric pyeloplasty
  • Pediatric partial nephrectomy
  • Pediatric ureteral reimplantation
  • Urachal excision
  • Ureteral reimplantation

Potential benefits of urologic robotic surgery include:

  • Less scarring, blood loss and pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quicker recovery time and return to daily activities
  • Decreased risk of infection

Robotic Surgery for Cancers and Tumors

Robotic surgery offers cancer patients a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery and in some cases, may minimize or eliminate the need for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.