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Become a Hospital Volunteer

Volunteers are a vital part of Newton Medical Center, helping us enhance the patient experience and provide high-quality care. Our hospital is a professional and welcoming workplace and we treasure those who donate their time with us.


  • Volunteers must be age 18 or over.
  • Volunteers are asked to complete a minimum of four hours in one time slot per week for a period of six months to one year.
  • Most new openings are weekdays 7:30am to 5:00pm.

Areas of Service

  • Surgical Waiting Room – receptionist to assist patients and visitors
  • Bee Hive Thrift Shop – owned and managed by the Auxiliary, the shop is operated by volunteers out of its building at 123 Spring Street in Newton, NJ.

Other Volunteer Assignments

Patient and Visitor Areas – Charles L. Tice Heart Center, courtesy vehicle, emergency room, information desk, occupational therapy, patient mail, physical therapy, patient representative, pacemaker clinic, pastoral care

Non-Patient Areas – business office, central supply, community benefits, health information, human resources, interoffice mail distribution, pharmacy, storeroom

How to Begin

  1. Complete the online Volunteer Application & Agreement, or contact the Volunteer Services Department at 973-579-8370 and ask for an application.
  2. Complete and return the application and agreement.
  3. Applicant will participate in an interview with the manager of the volunteer department.
  4. Attend a four-hour orientation and training session.
  5. Complete a tuberculosis test (provided by the hospital free of charge).