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Patient and Family-Centered Care Philosophy

Patient and Family-Centered Care Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing exceptional patient- and family-centered care. These principles shape our approach for your child’s diagnosis and treatment at Goryeb Children's Hospital, Hersh Children's Center and the Children's Center at Chilton Medical Center.


When you fully understand your options, you’ll feel more hopeful and confident about your child’s treatment. We provide the information families need to make educated choices about treatment, and then support the choices you make. 


Collaboration between family members and health care professionals is in the best interests of your child. We consider patients, parents and guardians essential members of the team.


You have the right to make decisions for your child’s care, and we give you the knowledge and authority to do so.

Family Strength

Family is the foundation of a child's life. We support and empower family members to be partners with our medical team and make informed decisions about your child's care. We provide support to family members to help them cope more confidently with your child's illness.


Every family has its own unique set of personalities, life experiences, values, beliefs, education, and religious and cultural backgrounds. We train our staff to have the flexibility to address the needs and preferences of every family.

Information Sharing

The exchange of medical information and personal information between our medical team and your family builds trust and forges partnerships.


Respect for each family's values, beliefs, and religious and cultural background is key to patient- and family-centered care. We value your knowledge about your child’s needs. We acknowledge your authority as decision-makers and always respect your choices.


We support families by respecting your choices and offering comfort as you cope with your child's illness. By meeting the social, developmental and emotional needs of your child, we support his or her recovery. We work to build your confidence in our ability to care for your child.