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Patient and Family-Centered Care

Goryeb Children’s Hospital features patient- and family-centered care environments. We believe that open and effective communication between health care providers and families is crucial for delivering the highest level of treatment to pediatric patients and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Every member of your child’s health care team at Goryeb Children’s Hospital and Goryeb Children’s Center is trained to work in partnership with you, guaranteeing that your child’s needs are always addressed. We understand that parents and family members provide children with strength and courage to face medical situations that can be difficult and complicated. Family members provide invaluable information and insight, enhancing the skill with which our experts approach each child’s individual needs.

We call our approach “patient- and family-centered care” and incorporate this philosophy into every aspect of our clinical and research practice. At Goryeb Children’s Hospital and Goryeb Children’s Center, we respond to the preferences, needs and values of every family and we are committed to designing treatment plans that honor your beliefs and traditions.