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Common Questions

How often are you on-call in your first year?

All residents are on alternating weekend call when not on night float.

How many months of night float do you work in the first year?

Interns typically spend two five-weeks blocks on night float.

How does night float work?

Night float covers the inpatient units from 7:00pm to 7:00am Sunday, 5:00pm to 7:00am Monday through Friday. The weekends (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday during the day) are covered by the residents who are not assigned to night float.

How does weekend call work?

Interns are on-call for the weekend sign in at 5:00pm on Fridays for 14 hours, 7:00am on Saturdays for 24 hours, or Sunday at 7:00am for 12 hours. Typically, you have two (2) weekends off per month with our night float system, and no weekend calls during night float.

Will I get enough supervision?

Both senior residents and attending staff are in the hospital and available for supervision at both sites.  Additionally, there is 24hr/day in house hospitalist coverage for direct resident supervision seven (7) day per week.

How big is the residency program?

We have five residents per year, for a total of 20 residents – a big enough team to handle challenges, but a small enough group to create more camaraderie and mutual support.

What ancillary services do you offer?

The hospital has multiple ancillary services that provide patient transportation, phlebotomy, and all other patient services.  Our nursing staff is excellent, and the residents enjoy a good relationship with them.

Do you have a continuity clinic?

All of the residents maintain a panel of patients in either Overlook Medical Center or Morristown Medical Center clinics. Every resident will have half a day of clinic per week. Continuity clinic includes high risk obstetrics, moderate risk obstetrics, low risk obstetrics, routine gynecology, adolescent gynecology, and beta-list patients. Our continuity clinic includes two ultrasound machines that includes a vaginal and abdominal probe. There is also an electronic fetal monitoring in clinic that allows residents to triage an obstetric patient.

Is there a research requirement?

All residents are required by ACGME to do scholarly research, which includes clinical research and curriculum development. Atlantic Health System is the primary academic and clinical affiliate in New Jersey of Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, which enables our residents to collaborate with experts and residents at other facilities on cutting edge research projects.  We have a research director and a biostatistician as well as the Atlantic Center for Research as valuable resources.

What is the patient population?

Morristown Medical Center was recently named a National Best Hospital for Gynecology by the US News and World Report and is renowned for its breadth of cardiac services, including bypass surgery, angioplasty, and implantable pacemakers.   Morristown Medical Center performs the second most heart surgeries in the New York metropolitan area.  Overlook Medical Center, the regional leader in comprehensive stroke care and neuroscience services, was the first hospital in the Northeast to use the revolutionary CyberKnife robotic image-guided technology.  Overlook Medical Center is a community hospital which provides more routine quality care for a smaller pool of patients.  Patients come from urban, suburban and rural areas, various socioeconomic backgrounds, and even other countries.