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A Day in the Life of a Resident

6:00am to 7:00am

Bedside work rounds on the inpatient units

Residents discuss each patient on their service, as well as the daily plan and progress. The team consists of first year residents and medical students who are supervised by senior/chief residents.

7:00am to 7:30am

Board Turnover Rounds (Sign Out)

Residents and supervising attendings “hand-offs” are an important patient safety and communication tool between the day and night shift.  This time is utilized to discuss continuation of care on inpatients.  This is the perfect opportunity to review findings, management and the plan for patient care. Labor and delivery management plans for each patient are also made and reviewed during the turnover of the Labor and Delivery board at 5pm.


GYN Surgery

The surgery teams head to the operating room to introduce themselves to the patients prior to surgery. The cases are assigned the day before according to skill level and PGY year. This enables the residents to prepare for cases the night before. Obstetrics scheduled cases also start at 7:30am following sign-out.

7:30am to 5:00pm

General patient care/surgery

Residents utilize this time to update the patients’ treatment plans, and discuss treatments with their patients’ families, as well as to provide ongoing care. Surgical patients are admitted to the units from the recovery room or discharged to home for ambulatory cases.

5:00pm to 7:00am


The PGY1 through PGY3 residents are on call weeknights through a night float system. Weekend call responsibilities are shared amongst all residents with call schedule decreasing with seniority. Responsibilities include the management of labor and delivery, post-op, postpartum, oncology, gynecology and emergency department consults. Junior resident is responsible for postpartum and labor and delivery whereas senior resident will oversee junior and cover all remaining services.

A group of residents enjoy some work and life balance with a yoga class.

Work Life Balance

Our residents work hard but have fun while doing it. Our residency program is known for its sense of comradery and the residents often get together outside of work! Whether it is a pot luck at someone’s home or a night out at the movies or a trip to the gym, our residents are always helping each other keep a healthy work-life balance.

Obstetrics and Gynecology residents enjoy a day at the beach for their annual retreat.

Annual Retreat

Each year, the Ob/Gyn Residency goes on a 24-hour retreat. The retreat allows the residents to bond outside of work and relax in a fun environment. In previous years, the residents have travelled to the Poconos and Atlantic City. This is usually scheduled for mid July to allow for the new intern class to feel like a part of the group and for everyone to get to know them.